Backlands Coalition submits comments to the Regional Plan Review 27Oct2023

In June of this year, HRM Planners submitted a draft of the Municipal Regional Plan and asked for feedback from the community. That consultation period is now over and the Backlands Coalition has submitted detailed comments to the planners.

Our submission highlights issues of special importance to HRM, the nearby communities of Spryfield, Williams Lake, Purcells Cove, Fergusons Cove and parts of Herring Cove that surround the Backlands.

The overriding theme is the maintenance and viability of the Backlands as essential natural infrastructure, habitat for a diversity of wildlife and recreation space for Haligonians.

View Issues of Critical Importance in the HRM Draft Regional Plan
Prepared by The Backlands Coalition, Submitted to HRM Oct 27, 2023. (PDF, 18 pages, 4.7 MB)


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Posted Oct 27, 2023. Text by Martha Leary, Backlands Coalition, WLCC, 

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