October 11, 2022: Public Hearing on Phase 3 of the Regional Plan Review


The Public Hearing for the Regional Plan Review, Phase 3 originally on the agenda for Tuesday, September 27th has been RESCHEDULED to October 11, 2022 at 6pm, in Regional Council Chambers (City Hall) – 1841 Argyle Street, Halifax.

From  Shape Our City, some details on how to participate.

  • Advanced registration is NOT required. View the staff report.
  • All oral and written submissions will be considered at that time.
  •  Written submissions may be forwarded to the Municipal Clerk by mail, P.O. Box 1749, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 3A5; by fax, 902-490-4208; or by e-mail(External link).
  • Written submissions should be received by the Municipal Clerk’s office as early as possible and not later than 3:00 p.m. on October 11, 2022.

Some concerns in relation to the Backlands (KH):

Extension of the service boundary
There is one very important issue being considered in Phase 3 which could impact the Backlands which is the extension of the service boundary down Purcells Cove Road. The HRM planning staff has recommended that there be no extension. Many wrote letters objecting to the extension.

Prevent fragmentation of wilderness
We need to maintain continuity of wilderness between Shaw Wilderness Park(Nature Conservancy of Canada) and lands around and beyond Purcells Pond(Nova Scotia Nature Trust). Wild life corridors and habitat for all species must remain intact.

Development increases the likelihood of fire. It is recognized by the scientific community that the area is fire prone. Fires result in extreme loss of habitat, houses and possibly human lives.

Promote biodiversity
Any disturbance of the land will mean a loss of species, plant, animal and bird. There are species at risk such as the nighthawk. In the face of climate change the value of wetlands in carbon sequestration and specifically the large one feeding Colpitt and Williams lake must be respected. The value of a vast woodland next to the urban core must also be respected.

Recreation and tourism
The Shaw Wilderness Park has been very successful in providing an outdoor experience to residents and tourists. This should be capitalized upon by expanding the park as our population grows and our municipality becomes a mecca for the world.

The Public Hearing Process

Received by KH from Administrative Clerk Assistant, Office of the Municipal Clerk, HRM in response to an inquiry about process

…here are some written details about the public hearing that I hope will help you navigate the process:

1. As a standard practice during Regional Council public hearings, speakers are allowed to bring no more than two (2) letter-size pages to present to Council. They should be handed to the Municipal Clerk prior to speaking for them to be displayed on a projector. Please note that any submission presented to Council will become part of the official public record.

2. If you wish to submit materials that exceed 2 letter-size pages, they will be considered as written submission (correspondence) and will not be allowed to be displayed during the public hearing. The materials can be submitted via one of the following methods:
a. Email (clerks@halifax.ca)
b. Mail (Municipal Clerk’s Office Halifax Regional Municipality PO Box 1749 Halifax, NS B3J 3A5)
c. Fax (902-490-4208)

Written submissions must be received by our office by 3:00 p.m. on the public hearing date and must include at least your first initial, last name, and a contact method. Comments received after this time will not be distributed. If received before the deadline written submissions (correspondence) is circulated to Mayor, members of Council, relevant staff and form part of the official public record.

3. You are also able to sign up in advance as a speaker in addition to the two above options. [Speakers are limited to 5 minutes.] If you wish to do so, please confirm by 4:30pm on the day of the hearing to clerks@halifax.ca and include the topic, meeting body, your first name, last name and community. Please note you can only add your own name to the list and not the name of another person. Here is the link to webpage which has all the information on how to participate in a public hearing: In-Person Public Hearings | Halifax

View Shape Our City For summaries of…
– Phase 3: Quick Adjustments – Proposed Amendments (Synopsis),
– General Project Information,
– Phase 4: Draft Regional Plan (Anticipated March 2023)
– Phase 5: Future Growth Planning (2023/24)

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