Fire Ecology

Jack Pine-Broom Crowberry Barrens.
Bottom right, recently burnt.
Contained in Letter to Mayor & Councillors, 2016
highlighting conservation value of
JP/BC barrens
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Quick Overview: A Rare, Fire-Dependent Pine Barrens at the Wildland-Urban Interface of Halifax, Nova Scotia
Nick Hill and David Patriquin. 2014. A Rare, Fire-Dependent Pine Barrens at the Wildland-Urban Interface of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Annotated Slideshow presentation to the Wildland Fire Canada 2014 Conference, Halifax, N.S. Oct 6-9, 2014. 12 frames.

Pages from WLB report on FireEcology
Extracted from Ecological Assessment of the Plant Communities of the Williams Lake Backlands (Hill & Patriquin, 2014)

Regeneration of Forest and Barrens after the Spryfield Fire of April 30, 2009
Photo-essay by Richard Beazley and David Patriquin.  On April 30/May 1, 2009, an intense forest fire “cut a swath though Spryfield, Purcell’s Cove and Ferguson’s Cove.” (Chronicle Herald May 2, 2009). This set of photos  illustrates the regeneration of vegetation over the ensuing 16 months.

Fire Effects Information System: Pinus banksiana
J.H. Carrey, 1993. USDA site and document. Comprehensive review of Distribution and Occurrence, Forest Management Considerations, Botanical and Ecological Characteristics, Fire Ecology.

The Ecological Role ofFire in Jack Pine Forests
H, CAYFORD AND D.l. McRAE 1983. In The Role of Fire in Circumpolar Ecosystems, edited by David A MacLean; Ross Wallace Wein. International Council of Scientific Unions. Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment. Chichester West Sussex ; New York : Published on behalf of the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment of the International Council of Scientific Unions by Wiley , 1983

The forest fires that nature intended
Nick Hill & David Patriquin in the Chronicle Herald, NS Naturally series, Mar 28, 2014 (1 page)

Celebrating broom crowberry
David Patriquin. Article in Atlantic Rhodo, may 2014