MRWA to add 16 km of new trails in Backlands (Halifax, NS) 19Apr2023

From  McIntosh Run Watershed Association (MRWA) Press Release

Map showing existing and planned trails (from MWRA Press Release)
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HALIFAX (Kjipuktuk), March 28, 2023 — The McIntosh Run Watershed Association (MRWA) is expanding the McIntosh Run trail system and will be adding 16 km of new backcountry singletrack trails to the network. Over the last 24 months, MRWA completed a detailed plan for the expansion and secured landowner approvals. The first 3 km of new trails are under construction and will open this spring. MRWA is looking for community help to complete the project.

Local HRM Councillor Patty Cuttell (Spryfield-Sambro Loop-Prospect Rd.) applauds the volunteer-run organization’s efforts, saying “The MRWA trail network makes Spryfield a more vibrant, healthy and liveable community. I’m proud of the work MRWA has done in partnership with HRM.”

Heather Stilwell, Managing Director, Nova Scotia Trails Federation, also praises MRWA’s work to make the wild areas of the McIntosh Run Watershed more accessible to the public.

“The McIntosh Run Watershed Association uses a community-based model for building trails that balances preservation and recreation. I encourage everyone to get out and explore this unique trail system,” she says.

Andrew Feenstra of long-time MRWA sponsor CycleSmith Halifax, says, “We are a proud Trail Sponsor since 2019 because we recognize the positive effect of spending time in this urban wilderness area. We like to give back by supporting places that benefit our community’s wellbeing and mental health. Sponsoring a trail is a way to build the kind of community you’d want to live in.”

survey of McIntosh Run trail users in 2021 showed that trail use has skyrocketed over the last 5 years and the community wants more trails closer to home. Survey respondents expressed overwhelming support for more trails within the network and indicated that the trail system was a main driver for families choosing to move to the area. Respondents also indicated that maintaining the integrity of natural vegetation, wetlands and watercourses should continue to be a priority.

MRWA is looking for support for the project including volunteers, sponsors, donations and by helping to spread word of the work.


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