Tuesday May 20: RP+5 at Regional Council

HRM Whether we keep a strong regional plan could be decided in the coming days. Today, Staff releases their report on the last-minute proposed amendments to the regional plan. On Tuesday May 20: Committee of the Whole meets to discuss the amendments. Depending on time, Regional Council may also be held, in which case the amendments may be decided on the same day. Those who support maintaining a strong regional plan are encouraged to attend Council on Tuesday, May 20th. The amendments would have a huge impact. Urban forests in Purcell’s Cove and and near Cole Harbour are at risk. If sewer is extended as far as proposed, we will all pay in dearly in fees and taxes. Some changes could create loopholes that would open up the possibility of development nearly anywhere in the region. Tuesday is an opportunity to show councillors residents do not want rules to be changed the moment they are inconvenient for developers. View A list of the amendments. An article by Tristan Cleveland in the Coast which addresses some of these issues. See Agenda & Reports

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