Suite of new NS Nature Trust conservation properties include land in the Backlands 23Dec2022

From  Nova Scotia Nature Trust*:

“We’re excited to announce six new protected areas across the province that will be secured before the end of 2022, from Cape Breton to the south shore. On the heels of the recent COP15 United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, halting biodiversity loss has never felt more urgent, with world leaders now aligned on a global target to protect 30 per cent of the planet by 2030. This announcement is a timely step toward that ambitious goal…The Nature Trust’s newest protected areas include:

  • Little Charles Island at the heart of the 100 Wild Islands archipelago (Eastern Shore)
  • An addition to the 4,500 acres of coastal wilderness protected in the Mabou Highlands (Cape Breton)
  • New protected urban wilderness in the Purcells Cove backlands (Kjipuktuk-Halifax)
  • Critical habitat for endangered plants on Ponhook Lake (Kespukwitk-southwest Nova Scotia)
  • More protected habitat for at-risk birds and rare eastern white cedar in the growing Hectanooga conservation land assemblage
  • (Kespukwitk-Southwest Nova Scotia)
  • And Blanche Island, another important link on the Atlantic migratory flyway, critical for many bird species facing significant population declines (Kespukwitk-Southwest Nova Scotia)”.

*See A Year-End Win for Biodiversity in Nova Scotia: Six new conservation lands protected forever
Post on NS Nature Trust Blog, Dec 21, 2022

What could be a better way to end 2022 and begin 2023?

The NS Nature Trust that was responsible for the first piece of formally protected land in the Backlands – the Captain Arnell lands donated by the Field brothers in 2003. That was followed by protection of the adjacent Napier Family Conservation Lands   contributed by the Napier family in 2009. Together they constitute the “Purcell’s Cove Conservation Lands“.

Thx Again NS Nature Trust and all NS Nature Trust Land Donors & Supporters!


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