Birds in the Backlands: Indicators of the Health of the Habitat 21Dec2022

Red-breasted Nuthatch, an old forest species,
in the stands of old pine near the Williams
Lake Dam in theShaw Wilderness Park where
they nest.

Backlands Birders Joshua Barss Donham and Fulton Lavender prepared presentations on the theme “Birds in the Backlands: Indicators of the Health of the Habitat” for a Backlands Ecology Workshop that we held recently.

In Forest Birds in the Backlands, Joshua looks at how many bird species characteristic of immature, regenerating, and mature (old) forest occur in the Backlands. It turns out they are all well represented, reflecting the mosaic nature of Backlands habitats.

The Common Nighthawk, a Species-at-Risk in Nova Scotia, nests on barrens in the Backlands

Fulton Lavender looks at two groups of specialist birds: Goatsuckers and Raptors, again, both,  and the former uniquely, represented in the Backlands

So they give us more to celebrate about our Backlands, and incentive for us to work to ensure that the next seven generations can do the same.

Many Thanks,  Joshua & Fulton.

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