Happy Earth Day

A wilderness in our midst

We have lots to celebrate right here in the Backlands, as discovered by John DeMont as he followed Greg Smith over “eight kilometres of foot-trod trail” in the chunk of the Purcell’s Cove Backlands lying between Williams and Colpitt lakes; once destined to be developed, it is now en route to becoming an “urban wilderness park”.

Said DeMont:

Somewhere nearby a man my age was sweating about his taxes or banging his head against his keyboard after his hard drive failed.
I, however, was walking beside a stream, next to a stand of woods that could have been there for the past century, for a little while longer
oblivious to the weight of life.

View DeMONT:Going into the wild, but not out of town
John DeMont in the Chronicle Herald, Apr 19, 2018

One good reason for conserving the Backlands

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