Successful Wrap-up to Hike-the-Greenbelt on McRun/Backlands

Hikers captivated by the Jack Pine/Crowberry barrens

Hikers captivated by the Jack Pine/Crowberry barrens and a view across the Backlands.

Sixty-eight hikers joined the Backland folks yesterday, the best turnout in the Hike-the-Greenbelt events. We started at the Capt. Spry, walked along the McIntosh Run to the bridge at Drysdale, then one group continued on the McIntosh Run Trail with Karen & Dick E. Others continued onto the barrens and down to Colpitt Lake where we had lunch. We then hugged the shoreline to reach the outlet to Williams Lake; one group continued to Williams Lake, the other returned. We had lots of short talks by Martin W., David P., Dick E. and Marcos Z and of course Tristan C. and lots of discussion. Some photos from the event will be posted soon.

View article in Metro news this am: Hike the Greenbelt events gather support in ‘most fun way possible’

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