Lover’s Lane to Turtle Bay: A path to Williams Lake 19May2022

From Kathleen Hall, Martha Leary and Murray Coolican:

Map showing property PID 41342080
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“We are writing about lands along the shore of Williams Lake known bureaucratically as PID 41342080.

“We are stewards of the lake and it’s watershed and do our work through Williams Lake Conservation Company (WLCC) and Backlands Coalition. The Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) has asked us for information about the land because we know the land well and understand the community’s stake in any changes.

“The land was purchased in order to build homes there and the owner has requested a change from the current Urban Reserve (UR) zoning to Rural Commuter zoning. With UR zoning, the owner can build one building on this property and a rezoning would allow for more.

“Ideally, we would prefer to see no change to this property. Consequently, the only circumstances under which we would entertain a change of zoning would completely embrace the vision that we set forth in a letter to HRM Planners

“We would like to tell you about this land and some of what it means to people who live in Halifax… Please view our Letter”

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