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JP/BC Barrens – relationship to NSFVT OW1
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Ecological Assessment of the Plant Communities of the Williams Lake Backlands
N Hill and D. Patriquin, 2014
A Rare, Fire-Dependent Pine Barrens at the Wildland-Urban Interface of Halifax, NovaScotia.
N Hill and D. Patriquin, 2014

Recent Posts about the Flora

June 20, 2023
Golden Heather in flower in the Backlands 30Jun2023

Nov 15, 2022
November flowering of Mountain Sandwort on our Jack Pine – Crowberry Barrens

Oct 27, 2022
It’s a a great time to view Jack Pine-Crowberry Barrens & Whalebacks on the Osprey Trail 27Oct2022

Jun 13, 2021
Invasive & Exotic Plants are making their way into the Backlands 13Jun2021



River Otter, Williams Lake, March 2022
YouTube Video on Williams Lake YouTube channel posted Mar 15, 2022. “This is the second year that a river otter has appeared at the edge of the melting ice shelf. Dinner is probably a catfish… last year it was quite clearly a catfish.”