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View: Can we move back from a precipice for the Williams-Colpitt Lakes Watershed? 25Jan2022
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Some related documents, events by date
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Mar 30, 2022 NSURB to hear Planning Appeal by John Tawil on March 30, 2022
View Details:
Response Letter of Jan 19, 2022
Attachments to Response Letter:
M10373 Amended Hearing Order
M10373 Board Letter re Interevention Application.pdf
Feb 3, 2022 Environment & Sustainability Standing Committee February 3, 2022 To consider Staff Report on Declining Water Levels in Williams Lake (Report is dated Dec 20, 2021)
View Williams Lake Conservation Company Comments & Concerns on the Staff Report
& “We’re being passed around’: Spryfield residentsfrustrated with inaction on Williams Lake dam” on Saltwire, Feb 3, 2022
Jan 17, 2022 Williams Lake Conservation Co. (WLCC) makes  Intervenor request. View Document
Nov 30, 2021 Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSURB): Notice of Planning Appeal by John Tawil. View  NSURB document
Nov 16, 2021 Community Council meeting considers rezoning request: Application for Rezoning denied 
– View  Minutes
– View attachment to NSURB document of Nov 30
– View Article in Chebucto News Jan 2022 ed
Nov 14, 2021 Letter to HWCC Members for the upcoming meeting, Kathleen Hall. View  Letter
Nov 1, 2021 HRM Staff report” Case 22890: Land Use By-Law amendment for 48 and 50 Old Sambro Road, Halifax. View   HRM Staff report
Nov 1, 2021 Letter with Alternative Vision Statement sent to councillors. View  Letter
February 26, 2021 Letter from Kathleen Hall to Jennifer expressing opposition to rezoning application
View Letter
Jan 21, 2021 Letter from Jennifer Chapman  explaining the application.
View  Letter
December 18, 2020 Planning Staff advised by letter that the subject properties are in the Williams Lake Watershed. View WLCC Water Flow Report  attached to letter.
May 27, 2020 Application to rezone by W.M. Fares on behalf of John Tawil
View details (extract from  HRM Staff report of Nov 1, 2021)