1. Introduction (DP)
Whats there?
– 2. Homework (DP)
– 3. Overview of Environmental Factors (DP)
– 4. JP-Crowberry Barrens & Fire Mgmt (DP)
– 5. Forest Birds (JBD)
– 6. Specialist Birds (FL)
– 7. Some Conservation Perspectives (KM)
– 8. Discussion
– 8. Highlights
– 9. —->Threats & Challenges (This Page)


E=existing, P=potential, future.    Numbers do not indicate priority of concern

1. E: Calcium Depleted Soils (result of Acid Rain/Thin soils/Hard Rock Type), possibly cause of low or no fish in some lakes, few amphibians eggs in most vernal ponds.

2. E, P: Loss of Ecological Integrity associated with increasing recreational usage; key indicator: exotic plant species.

3. E, P: Decline in WQ associated with development in parts of  watershed that lie outside of Backlands;  e.g., F.L. concerned about “a fair amount of water flowing into the Backlands coming from the other side of Herring CoveRoad, from the much denser peat bog-conifer regions, some of it is being quite badly polluted – we need to keep an eye on water quality there. Key indicator: Electrical Conductivity of streams, waterbodies.

4. E, P: Water movement 80% below ground, conduits not protected when an area is developed (within or outside of Backlands but within watershed).

5. E, P: Ecological Connectivity within the Backlands, and between backlands and Chebucto Peninsula and grater mainland.

6. E?, P: Climate warming and lakes, BGA; some plant species, e.g. Jack Pine.

7. P: Maintenance of rare fire-dependent Pine Barrens (Jack Pine/Broom Crowberry) community, re: fire management and people management.

8. E: We need a combined Conservation/Fire Management strategy for the Backlands

8. P: Loss of Habitat/Connectivity from further Development. The area is only 1350 ha!

9. E, P: To put some kind of $ value on the combined Ecological Services of the Backlands, particularly biodiversity/carbon storage.

10. E; We need to document the nature and services of the diverse wetlands

11. E,P: Wildlife management and ecosystem management is really people management. Recreational use of the Backlands is increasing – how do we facilitate recreational  use  & at the same time protect the many ecological services of the Backlands?