Birds of East Island Pond & Environs

View the birds of East Island Pond & Environs in early spring through the lens of birder Joshua Barss Donham

Joshua took these video frames on three early morning walks on April 16,18 and 24, 2022.

East Island Pond is one of several lakes in the lower McIntosh Run Watershed, accessed via a Department of Defence Road off of Purcell’s Cove Road. The road takes you by a variety of forest types, by Jack Pine-Crowberry Barrens and eventually to East Island Pond.  It’s really a lake not a pond,  which feeds into the Lower McIntosh Run just before it enters Powers Pond and then empties into the Atlantic Ocean at Herring Cove. Currently  there is no settlement close to the lake. It’s a wonderful place for a quiet walk  –  and for birds and to see birds!

Screen Captures from the Vide0 with Names of Birds and
Links to the species on Cornell Lab’s All About Birds

Ruffed Grouse (1.14 min)

Canada Goose (2.08 min)

Blue Jay (4,31 min)

Song Sparrow (5.14 min)

Common Grackle (6.31 min)

Common Grackle (6.38 min))

Tree Swallow (7.01 min)

Tree Swallow (8.81 min)

Dark-eyed Junco (11.03 min)

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