Mosquito Season – even the frogs get bitten in the Backlands! 24May2024

Mosquito bites a Green Frog in the Backlands, May 14, 2024.  Joshua Barss Donham photos in the Backlands on May 14, 2024

Joshua Barss Donham made an intriguing post on a private FB site where naturalists share & discuss some of their observations. He gave us permission to post it on

Joshua’s post was about the identity of a mosquito he had observed on a Green Frog in the Backlands.

Said Joshua:

“Came across this interesting Mosquito in the Purcells Cove Backlands the other day. I think that it may be Culex territans (northern frog biting mosquito) which feeds mostly on the blood of frogs and toads. The best physical description I could find online is from the University of Florida extension site,, and the ‘field markings’, proboscis long/dark (longer than the palps) and dark tarsi, seem consistent. What got me particularly was “Culex territans is the only Culex species in the eastern USA with narrow pale bands that occur apically on abdominal segments” … see close-up. Any thoughts? Also, nice seeing green frogs about again. ”

Indeed, Josh. Thx for Sharing

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